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Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary Screw Compressors Engineered for Continuous, Reliable Operation

Kaishan rotary screw air compressors are the leading cost-effective, dependable compressed air solution with unmatched performance and efficiency at an affordable price.

With the ability to run continuously, Kaishan rotary compressors are ideal for applications with high air demand 24x7x365, including manufacturing facilities, factories, and plants. Comprehensive controls and system monitoring ensure Kaishan rotary compressors provide continuous, safe operation you can rely on.

Kaishan offers exceptional warranties on air compressors, with a lifetime warranty on the main screw airend component of your rotary screw compressor and a five-year warranty on the other major components.

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Kaishan Rotary Screw Compressors

KRSB Belt Drive Series

Sophisticated controls and other advanced features provide flexibility and low maintenance requirements, making the KRSB belt drive series an economical choice.

  • Rated Pressure Range: 115 PSI to 175 PSI
  • Flow Range: 12CFM to 129 CFM
  • Rated Power Range: 5 HP to 30 HP

KRSD Single-Stage Direct Drive

The KRSD single-stage direct drive series is designed with helical screws in a continuous motion to reduce the volume and maximize the pressure of incoming air.

  • Rated Pressure Range: 115 PSI to 150 PSI
  • Flow Range: 53 CFM to 496 CFM
  • Rated Power Range: 15 HP to 100 HP

KRSP Premium

The KRSP Premium features low-speed operation with a 1:1 drive ratio that eliminates transmission energy loss. A patented SKY airend and laminar inlet valve deliver maximum power with minimal waste.

  • Rated Pressure Range: 125 PSI to 175 PSI
  • Flow Range: 199 CFM to 202 CFM
  • Rated Power Range: 40 HP to 200 HP

KRSP2 Two-Stage Rotary

The KRSP2 air compressor is designed to operate efficiently across various horsepower levels.

  • Rated Pressure Range: 100 PSI to 175 PSI
  • Flow Range: 510 CFM to 3498 CFM
  • Rated Power Range: 125 HP to 600 HP

KRSL Low-Pressure Series

The KRSL is designed with variable discharge port technology, offering efficiency and versatility for low-pressure applications.

  • Rated Pressure Range: 25 PSI to 45 PSI
  • Flow Range: 275 CFM to 2020 CFM
  • Rated Power Range: 30 HP to 100 HP


Why Choose Canex Technologies for Your Rotary Screw Compressor


Canex Technologies supplies Kaishan air rotary screw compressors. Manufactured with the highest quality airends for exceptional efficiency, Kaishan rotary screw air compressors are reliable, cost-effective compressors that keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.


Our top priority is providing excellent customer care and satisfaction. Our compressed air experts in Ontario offer personalized service to minimize your downtime and ensure your critical operations keep going.

Air Expertise

Our air compressor specialists have decades of combined knowledge and experience across various industries. No one is better suited to help you find and service the best rotary screw air compressor for your application.


Genuine OEM parts ensure your rotary screw air compressor’s superior performance and longevity. That’s why Canex Technologies carries a wide selection of Kaishan OEM parts, so your compressed air systems will always operate optimally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of rotary screw compressors?

Rotary screw compressors offer numerous benefits, including:

  • High efficiency: Rotary compressors provide higher efficiency than reciprocating compressors, resulting in lower energy consumption for the same output.
  • Steady airflow: Rotary screw compressors are capable of delivering a consistent, uninterrupted flow of compressed air, making them ideal for applications requiring a continuous air supply.
  • Compact design: Rotary screw air compressors are typically more compact than reciprocating compressors with similar output, saving space in your facility.
  • Versatility: Rotary screw compressors are available as oil-flooded or oil-free compressors to suit different applications and purity requirements.
Does Canex Technologies offer OEM parts for Kaishan rotary air compressors?

Yes, we have a full range of genuine Kaishan OEM parts for all the compressors we sell.