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Engineered pump and compressor systems designed and built for optimal productivity and total cost of ownership.

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Engineered Systems

Engineered Pump & Compressor Systems For Diverse Industrial Applications

Through our partnership with Chamco, Canex Technologies specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of pump and air compressor systems, offering comprehensive services from design and engineering to project management and installation.

Water Pump Stations

Floating Pumps Stations and Barges

Water Booster Stations

Water Lift Stations

Pit Dewatering Stations

Fire Pump Systems

Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Air Compressor Packages

Nitrogen Generation Systems

Fuel Distribution Systems


Why Choose Canex Technologies for Your Compressor and Packaged Pumping Systems

Decades of Excellence

Our pump and compressor experts bring deep knowledge, extensive experience, and a proven track record of delivering exceptional pump and compressor solutions to customers in the most demanding industries.

A Dedicated Partner

At Canex Technologies, we offer a holistic approach to engineered pump and compressor systems. We provide a single, reliable source for all your pumping and compressed air needs, from design to installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

Customized Solutions

Each application comes with unique pumping or compressed air requirements and challenges. That’s why our team of experts is committed to collaborating directly with you to design and build a custom pump or air compressor system for optimal efficiency and exceptional cost of ownership.

Advanced Technology

Canex Technologies builds engineered systems with pumps and air compressors from the industry’s leading brands, ensuring you have the most reliable equipment to optimize operational efficiency and productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical lead time for designing and engineering a compressed air system or pump package?

Each application is unique, and the time it takes to design and implement a new system depends on several factors, including your current setup, your specific application needs, your location, and the environment in which you operate. We will work with you to understand your operations and design a package accordingly. Contact us to discuss your unique pump or compressor needs.

What industries does Canex Technologies create air compressor and pump packages for?

At Canex Technologies, we can design and build engineered pumps and compressors for a diverse array of applications across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Municipal
Does Canex Technologies offer pump and compressor installation services?

Yes! We offer a full range of pump and compressor installation services. No matter where you purchased your pump or compressor, we’re happy to help with your installation needs.

Does Canex Technologies offer preventative maintenance services?

Yes, Canex Technologies offers preventative maintenance services for both pumps and air compressors to keep your industrial systems operating smoothly.