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Sihi Pumps Limited

SIHISIHI is a leader in specialized liquid pump technology providing a range of specialty liquid pumps for Boiler Feed and de Aeration up to 400 PSI, hot thermal fluids up to 662°F, Hot Water up to 404°F, refrigerant liquids or low NPSH applications.

SIHI Modular Multistage Pump

SIHICapacity: 1100 GPM Total Head: 2100 Ft. Temperature: to 356°F Models MSM, MSL. SIHI multi pump range of horizontal or vertical ring-section multistage pumps for high pressure and Low NPSH applications


Sihi Side Channel Pump

SIHICapacity: to 160 GPM Heads: to 1000 FT. Temperature: to 350°F Air or Gas Content up to 50% Models ADH, AEH, AKH, AOH. SIHI Side channel pump vapor handling and self priming capability make it exceptional along with a unique lateral channel design that permits the impellers to float, reducing wear and eliminating end thrust on bearings while still maintaining radial and axial balance

Model CEH low NPSH

SIHIModel CEH low NPSH pumps are a combination of the normal self-priming side channel pump with the addition of an initial centrifugal suction stage making possible an optimum suction requirement and thus superior low NPSH performance. NPSH values are as low as 0.5ft can be achieved. The special design of the stages provides excellent gas handling capabilities making it particularly suitable for handling liquefied gases such as ammonia, refrigerant liquid gas, LPG, propane, butane, and liquefied natural gas and many other difficult liquids

Magnetic Drive Pumps

SIHIMagnetic Drive Pumps with coupling power ratings to 154 HP (115 kw) temperatures from - 40 °F to 725 °F (- 40 °C to 400 °C.) Models CEH, AEH, SC Magnet driven process pumps are used for many different applications including the handling of corrosive, abrasive, toxic and foul smelling liquids.


SIHI Hot Water pumps / thermal Fluid Pumps

SIHISihi Hot Water Pumps Capacity: 2100 GPM Total Head: 300 Ft Temperature: 446 °F: Models ZEND, ZDND, ZHND

Sihi Thermal Fluid Pumps (Heat Transfer Oils) Capacity: 2600 GPM Total Head: 300 Ft. Temperature: to 662°F Models ZTND, ZTNY Specially designed “Self Cooling” pumps for Hot Water and Thermal Fluids used for new applications or replacement of existing pumps with many sizes available from stock


SIHI Combitube

SIHISIHIcombitube – low wear single stage pitot tube pump Capacity 460 GPM Total Head 6300 Ft., Model CWHA, CWHG, CWHB SIHIcombitube pumps have been developed for low flow, high head applications. The pitot tube design produces a stable, pulsation free flow with the ability to operate with minimum flow making the pump suitable for a wide range of applications.


Sihi Bioethanol & Biodiesel Pumping Solutions

SIHISIHI Pumps is a major supplier of pumps for bioethanol and biodiesel production throughout the world. They have a broad range of installations and references as well as the expertise to help you to select the most economical solution based upon your requirements


Sihi CEB Vertical pump for Autogas application

SIHISihi vertical LPG tank pump with magnet drive for zero emission.