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ProPart - Replacement Pump Parts

Peerless Pumps

ProPart are your single source for pump parts, specialize in alloy replacement parts for any industry that needs to pump liquids such as; pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, mining, irrigation, water treatment and other industries that require 316 S.S. , 317 S.S., CA6MCu, CD4MCu, Alloy 20 Titanium a standard

Replacement Parts and Pumps for Vogelsang Rotary Applications


Holland Pump products, a cost effective equivalent for Vogelsang replcacement parts and pumps. Holland Pump's "Made in the USA" parts and pumps feature:

  • Improved ceramic coatings for replacement wear parts.
  • Tested designs proven in the field with our extensive rental fleet.
  • In-stock parts supplies. We use them everyday for our 14-day routine preventive maintenance program.

Swaby Lobeline Pump Replacement Parts

Peerless Pumps

Lobeline Rotary Lobe pump parts including Rotors, Radial Wear Plates, Rear Wear Plates, Shafts, Shaft Sleeves, Timng Gears, Bearing Isolators, Bearings, Taper Lock Assemblies. We also offer a complete pump overhaul and repair service for rotary lobe pumps.

Pro Flo, inc.

ProFlo Strainers are designed to strain the pumps liquid before it enters the pump volute, which up until now, has always been handled by a conventional “Pot” or “T” strainers that have high friction losses and clog easily. With the unique ProStrainer™, debris enters the large horizontal chamber designed to enhance the natural flow, not impede it which is accomplished with a multi basket design to provide superior pump protection and easy access when necessary.